Todd Barriage is a motherf**king genius. He takes the music out of your head, and he makes it real. He is filled with passion and dedication, and works patiently and carefully with you to make sure you reach your potential. He even moved his whole studio into my basement because I couldn’t book time from work to record on our schedule dates.
Tyler Charlebois, Vickie Vale
We’ve worked with many different people in the past, but none have meshed with us as well as Todd from Borland Studio. He made us sound better then we could ever ask for, made us better musicians, and we made a new friend in the process. We couldn’t ask for anything more.Nick Perovic, Lungless
We’d like to thank our brother, producer, and engineer Todd Barriage. He’s had more faith in this record than the three of us combined. He continuously sacrificed convenience for the sake of our inconvenient ideas without a word of protest. He’s been an incredible partner on this venture, and an even better friend. This record would not have been possible without him. A true definition of the word ‘selfless’.Milen Petzelt-Sorace, The Frame Defect
I have worked in the music industry for over 30 years as a Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Recording Artist, Performer and lastly a music store and studio owner. I have had the pleasure of knowing Todd for 3 years now and have become familiar with his work. One word: STELLAR. As a producer Todd pulls out the best performance from any artist and captures the performance with a skilled and knowing hand. As an engineer Todd’s ears are unmatched, I still can’t figure out how he gets the best drum sounds I have ever heard…. Yes he has explained it to me…. And I get it, I just can’t get it the way Todd does! As a musician, Todd is a versatile and accomplished player of many instruments and I hate him for it! As a songwriter/arranger Todd’s work speaks for itself, regardless of genre Todd effortlessly weaves together lasting and memorable hook laden tracks! Lastly as a person, we need more people like Todd in this crappy old world, he brings out the best in everyone musically and beyond! It is truly a privilege to know Todd and call him my friend. Do yourself a favour and let Todd help you on your musical journey he will guide you further down the road than you ever thought possible!Tim Hunt, Long & McQuade & Musicians For Hope
I’ve worked with a lot of producers and audio engineers, and Todd Barriage was (and still is) one of my favourites. Not only is he charismatic and really fun to work with, he also has the ability to capture your ideas and turn them into a beautiful, quality piece of art. His studio is always clean and well kept, and he’s constantly expanding and upgrading his selection of equipment.Justin Holland, Indie
I’ve been working with Todd Barriage since 2007 when it was more of a hobby for him, but even back then he was producing a quality sound with minimal equipment. I’ve worked with “more experienced” recording technicians and producers with much bigger budgets, but they don’t even compare when it comes to the quality of sound, dedication to his work, and overall efficiency when it comes to meeting and deadlines and surpassing expectations. Recording with Todd feels like much more than just “work,” as he has a great personality. He’s easy going and it’s always a pleasure to work by his side.Josh Lees, We Are Adam West
All-pro studio with a no nonsense approach. Todd is easy to work with, he has a great work ethic and an excellent understanding of the project at hand and the direction in which the artist is trying achieve. Spectacular quality recordings and professional attitude along with an understanding of social media and marketing can help musicians and artists get the most value out of their project. I highly recommend Todd “The Candy Man” Barriage to help get you what you need from recording, mastering, producing, social media, disc duplication, marketing direction, artwork direction, what ever you need he can deliver! Get the best!Hard Metal Mike, PSYCHO
I’ve gone into my past three recording sessions with Todd with not much fully written. Together, we have been able to lay down what I’m proud to say have been my best bass parts to date. His vast musical knowledge makes it hard not to learn and pick up tricks while achieving new personal bests. That being said, it is not why Vickie Vale continues to record at Borland Studio. We go to Todd first and foremost because he is easy to work with. Every minute in Borland Studio is an absolute pleasure. Never a negative statement, only encouragement. He has become one of our band’s biggest assets and best friends.Christian Paradis, Die Hexe
We were skeptical at first to work on our first EP [Departure] with Todd, only because he hadn’t really worked with anyone like us beforehand. But we were blown away by the final product! He’s extremely knowledgeable, laid back, and straight up easy to work with so going back to record our second EP [No Place Like House] with him was a no-brainer. No matter the project you’re working on, you’ll get great results working with Todd! Couldn’t recommend him enough.Rob LaPlante, Ten Sleep
Todd Barriage is a brilliant producer. Being a very talented musician himself, Todd has a wide vernacular of ideas, techniques and tricks that, regardless of genre, always deliver. It has been an absolute pleasure for us to work with such a capable young mind. If Wooler, Ontario has one exciting attraction, Borland Studio is it.Iustin Ibanescu, Critical