Music Production Services


RecordingProducing a full project fromstart to finish: pre-production, tracking, editing, mixing, even all the way to mastering. From a one-off indie single to a 12-track metal album, I’ve got a game plan that will meet your music’s needs and give you the sound your listeners deserve. A typical recording project consists of tracking, mixing, and mastering.


TrackingThe first stage of most recording projects, and arguably the most important, is tracking. This is where we tune the drums, dial in the amps, set up the mics, and record all the parts of your music. Either off the floor or with multiple overdubs, my flexible recording solutions ensure that you work at your own pace in a friendly, comfortable setting.


MixingSometimes after finishing a project, it doesn’t sound anything like you had wanted it to. Releasing something you’re unhappy with shouldn’t be an option. Nor should you have to scrap a project that you’ve invested your time, money, and energy into. I’ll gladly work with you to re-mix an existing project and get your music sounding the way it should.


MasteringDo your mixes sound great on their own, but lifeless and tiny compared to commercial releases? I can help rectify that for you by adding volume, clarity, and consistency to your music while maintaining the integrity and original intent of your mixes.

Song-writing / Session Playing

Song-Writing / Session PlayingNot having a band shouldn’t keep your songs from getting heard. If you lack the proper accompaniment, I’ll work with you to add drums, bass, guitar, strings, backing vocals, pads, and anything else your song needs to ensure that nothing stands between you and your vision.